heart on your sleeve – vol 1

My passion for music and art overlap like a perfect Venn diagram, I am nestled ever so snugly in that lovely shade of overlap. I blog consistently about the music itself over at CreamTeam, but the album artwork gets mostly unnoticed. Welcome to a new semi-frequent feature called “Heart On Your Sleeve”. The premise is simple, recently released or upcoming album sleeves that I think are worth showing for their aesthetic value will be posted, with a link to listen to that act’s music. Think of it as an sensual experiment, if you like what you see maybe you will like what you hear…

See the first batch after the jump!

Steve Mason – Boys Outside (listen)

Perfume Genius – Learning (listen)

Girls Names – Graveyard 12″ (listen)

Infinite Body – Carve Out The Face Of My God (listen)

The Radio Dept. – Clinging To A Scheme (listen)

Sonny & The Sunsets – Tomorrow is Alright (listen)

The Sight Below – It All Falls Apart (listen)



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