house of eames

I was waiting until stills or video from the House Industries / Eames show at the Eames offices in California came out before posting about the unprecedented collaboration between the two design powerhouses. Long-story-short, House Industries spent years crafting typefaces, numerals, prints and objects based on the pioneering design of Ray and Charles Eames, culminating in the exhibition hosted this week at the Eames design headquarters in Santa Monica.

It’s hard to stress just how conscious and careful House Industries was in articulating, painstakingly so, the unique aesthetic the Eames couple produced. It’s incredibly obvious, that this was not just an opportunity to showcase and represent quality design to a new generation but a labor of love for everyone involved.

The Eames office has been converted, temporarily, into a grand salon hosting huge representations of the typefaces and ornaments that House Industries made for the Eames Collection. And check out the limited edition prints and gorgeous building blocks (literally, they form the iconic Eames house) which cleverly transforms to show more font and numeral examples.

If anybody wants to send me these blocks once they become available, you will become permanetly lodged in my heart. Forever. and Ever.

Click here to see a 360 imaging of the Exhibition and of course check out the Eames page on the House Industries website to see all the beautiful work here.



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