Pilot Handwriting Digital Campaign

Pilot pens are old school, but they have found a clever way of keeping relevant in today’s digital world. The recently launched PilotHandwriting.com is a site where you print out a templated sheet, write in your own handwritten alphabet, hold it up to your webcam and the website does the rest, digitizing and then allowing you to use your very own handwriting to send personal emails, within a Pilot themed image of course.

My only gripe with this is why can’t I download this font for personal use after I am done? If it’s already been created, then just allow the user to take the font home with them afterwards? I understand the need to keep the tool branded and hopefully have repeat visits, but this kind of device is a gimmick, one designed to spread word about the product and not exactly a destination that people will visit time and time again.

Visit Pilot Handwriting here and make your own font.



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