Designing Obama

Politics aside, there was no denying the impressive scope and unifying power the Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign branding had. Some argue that it’s cohesiveness and ability to resonate with the American people (who’s affinity to clean and optimistic branding is well documented) and it’s clear and methodically driven message of “Yes We Can” sealed the election for him. As a designer, it was exhilarating to see a candidate so clearly embrace a solid and competent brand and put it in the hands of an actual design firm, a project so large and encompassing, it’s breadth had never been attempted before in American politics.

You can see all the amazing iterations and read essays on this arresting campaign (including one by Pentagram’s Michael Beirut), in the new book “Designing Obama”, available in printed and electronic form here. There’s also a viewable PDF which shows you the entire contents of the publications. Fascinating.

(thanks to my good friend, the talented Beverly Kitchens, for the heads up)


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