Help me ID this artwork – Updated!

I acquired this artwork about 6 years ago while I was working at a design firm in DC, a late Senator’s office (whose name escapes me) that resided under our agency was cleaning house and the Senator, a lover of art, especially modern and contemporary pieces, had a trove of work that they were looking to give to good homes. I fell in love with this spectrum, and now that I have moved to a new place with huge white walls it will add a perfect colorful pop in my office.

The problem is, I have no idea who created it. I know it’s an obvious nod or perhaps even from the Color Field era in modern art, and the signature (seen in the second image) is not very legible to me. Jay Lenore? Joy Revir? you see my problem.

Now that I have a considerably larger audience (of super smart, creative folks) to attempt to crowdsource my query with, I am hoping someone out there can help ID it. I would be ever so grateful!

Update! Thanks to Matthew, an incredibly observant reader, the creator of the artwork has been identified as the late Jay Rosenblum, a color field artist who’s work is in the permanent collections at the Whitney and the Corcoran. Here’s a couple of links (here and here) I found with info and examples of other work!



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