Design Philadelphia – Oct. 7–17, 2010

If you live in Philly, as I do, and you are either involved in or a fan of the creative arts than you have probably heard about DesignPhiladelphia, a two week long, city-wide series of events, happenings, pop-up stores, exhibitions, work-shops, showings and other creative endeavors. There are a myriad of engagements and I found many different kinds of events that I have vowed to attempt to either participate in or experience. Obviously, whenever I do I will post about them here!

Yesterday, I visited an exhibit entitled “Philly Works” of merchants and craftsmen (and craftswomen) at the Meyerson Hall on the UPenn campus. The gallery is filled with various different wares, including furniture, screen prints, home made speakers, clothing and many more items.

After the jump is a selection of people, who’s pieces I found particularly interesting.

James Hammarhead‘s Volta motorcycle was a beautiful piece of machinery, with a retro-Americana styling and a rocket shaped nose. Check out his other bikes here.

Striking hand-made speakers courtesy of CarrotGrant.

I loved these paintings from NoseGo.

Adorable plush creatures by Diane Koss, visit her Etsy page here.

Some great art prints and gig posters from Magick Outlaws.

And finally, some really fantastic “Mystical Creatures” from Salihah Moore. You can see more of them here.


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