Design Philadelphia – Light Drift Installation / Reception

Last night I ventured to the Schuylkill river banks between Market and Chestnut Streets for the opening of Light Drift, a public art installation by artist Meejin Yoon of interactive light orbs. The entire piece was quite large, utilizing the concrete bank and extending into the river itself.

What I enjoyed most about it was that not only was it “interactive”, meaning when you sit on one of the orbs on the bank it initiated different color sequences that progressed outward through the orbs in the river, but that it was uncomplicated and enjoyed by old and young alike. Children were playing and touching and sitting on the orbs and older visitors were engaged in the light fields they could create.

It’s great to see public installations like this, sponsored by Philly’s Mural Arts Projects organization, especially in less likely environments like the riverbank. If you get a chance go down and check it out, Light Drift will be lighting up the river for the next two nights.

Read more about Light Drift here.


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