Carlo Van De Roer

I recently took a small photography group show at the Taschen SoHo store and amongst the really talented work, a moody monochrome portrait (part of a larger series shown in the top image) by Carlo Van De Roer spurred me to delve deeper into his portfolio of work. Carlo’s work is varied and his subject matter spans many different spheres, but there’s a cohesive aesthetic to all his pieces, a sense of unknown, or unseen powers seem to permeate his craft. I was especially drawn to his “Blinded By The Light” series (see last image), where he incorporates carefully placed flashes of light into existing natural history dioramas to inject a sense of spirituality into the settings.

Visit Carlo Van De Roer’s portfolio here.


3 responses to “Carlo Van De Roer

  1. I am amazed by the first 2 pictures. Good job.

  2. Love the first and last shots. The last one IS quite spiritual. Great technique!

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