new acquisition – Takahisa Kamijyo “Gagaku” (1981) lithograph

Sometimes you find the most amazing things in the lowliest of places. Before I left town for Christmas with the family, I walked past a nearby thrift store around the corner from my apartment and saw this striking framed graphic image of traditionally dressed Japanese woman arranged symmetrically standing on a strange grid-like landscape. I returned home two weeks later and found it still hanging in the window, and knew I had to have it.

Through some research, it turns out it’s a commemorative print designed by Takahisa Kamijyo to celebrate the 1981 UCLA Asian Performing Arts “Gagaku” (a traditional Japanese form of classical music) show. Most fascinating is that this lithograph is also in the MoMA permanent design collection. I have no idea how many prints were produced and how much it is worth, but it hardly matters, I am just glad to save something so beautiful from possibly being thrashed (as many of the unsold items at that thrift store end up).

A couple more images of my diamond in the rough after the jump.


One response to “new acquisition – Takahisa Kamijyo “Gagaku” (1981) lithograph

  1. Frank Gordon

    I purchased this amazing poster in 1981. Mine is still in mint condition, framed. Chisholm Larsson Gallery is asking $450.


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