Landor – Children’s Miracle Network rebrand

(left) the previous logo, with the new logo (right)

Global branding and design agency Landor recently announced their radical refresh to charitable organization, Children’s Miracle Network. The previous logo, with it’s serif type and now iconic red and yellow balloon has been abstracted, simplified and refined. The new mark is of course a reference to the hot air balloon that has served CMN so well over the decades, but in it’s new iteration, with it’s bold strokes and minimal elements also recalls a stethoscope, an illuminated light bulb full of ideas and also an exuberant exclamation mark. Whether intentional or not the new mark gives even more equity to the brand by, perhaps subconsciously, referencing concepts like hope, intelligence, excitement and of course happiness. Qualities that some would argue the Children’s Miracle Network has always had, but is now on display even more prominently.

Take a look at the branding video for other uses and applications.


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