Dorian Gourg – Adahy

Geometric shapes living in a vast landscape are so “now” in graphic design/art circles, that it takes a lot for me to sit up and really take notice when someone adds a new dimension to something so in vogue. Dorian Gourg does just that, in his series entitled Adahy, taking his own photos (shot during trips through both the Southwest and South America) and applies complex filters and abstractions, overlaying patterns, textures and yes, geometric shapes to create a sort of visual language with obvious nods to both the present and tribal decorations of native Americans, Incans and Aztecs. There’s an alien/hieroglyphic aspect to this project that also really appeals to me, as if Dorian is attempting to visualize a subconscious puzzle or dream -induced labyrinth.

See more of Adahy here.



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