James and Karla Murray – “Storefronts”

Sometimes the simplest of ideas can produce the most beautiful results. I came across this great ongoing series of storefront photos by James and Karla Murray and marveled at the results of such an elementary premise. By presenting the storefronts in a simple straightforward format, they allowed the artistic elements, and sometimes the lack thereof, to become the prime focus. Gorgeous hand painted lettering, massive lighting displays of neon and bold color combinations all attempt to lure the customers in off the street, and create a vivid canvas that tells a story of not only that establishment but of the history of that block, and the people that frequent it.

See more “Storefronts” photographs here.


4 responses to “James and Karla Murray – “Storefronts”

  1. So true, these are very simple shots but this simple idea speaks volumes. Something about its old fashion, hole in the wall, back-home feel that makes these photos really special. Good stuff.

  2. totally agree. very compelling photos.

    ps. you wouldn’t happen to speak polish, would you?

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