Google Art Project

Late last week Google formally launched their “Art Project” website, an ambitious endeavour to catalog and provide hi-rez (and we mean HI-REZ) imagery of the collections in art museums around the world. This aspect of the mission is not unique, as there are a handful of other organizations attempting the same thing, but what does seperate The Google Art Project from others are the nice touches that only Google can provide. Instant search features by artist, or gallery or region or time period, along with the “Street View” style ability to wander virtually through some of the greatest museums and collections that some people may never get to experience otherwise makes this is a very bold and promising experience.

While nothing will ever match the awe and power felt by seeing an amazing artwork in person, this at least allows the visitor a chance to witness masterpieces in a way never before possible.

Visit the Google Art Project here and start exploring!



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