Alexis Rockman – A Fable for Tomorrow exhibition

Last week, during a trip through DC, I had the pleasure of taking in the Alexis Rockman exhibition A Fable for Tomorrow, now showing at the Smithsonian American Art Musuem. I pride myself on having an extensive knowledge of Art and Art History (even a degree in it!) but had never heard of Alexis or his large scale commentaries on culture, technology and our interaction with nature. The images above of his wildly imaginative and often brutally honest paintings do not do his work justice. They have to be seen, in person, to be believed. Genetic mutations, Darwinian battles, and man’s injustices to his Earth are all covered and taken to surreal extremes. The work is brilliant and thoughtful, and for the first time in a very long while I found myself sitting down and just taking all the artworks in. It’s a grand narrative and I encourage everyone who can, to visit before the show ends on May 8th.

Visit the exhibition page here, and Mr. Rockman’s portfolio here.



One response to “Alexis Rockman – A Fable for Tomorrow exhibition

  1. I visited the Alexis Rockman exhibit a few weeks ago, and I was blown away by his paintings. You’re right that they have to be seen in person. A pic on a computer screen can’t begin to compete with his large paintings, like the one of icebergs. Or the impact of the weird mutated animals. It was incredible to see the paintings of structures if humans died out and nature took over. This artist certainly gives you something to think about.


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