Pentagram – United brand retrospective

Many, many designers in the branding community (myself included) cringed at the recent makeover the United-Continental merger has wrought upon the newly formed airline. Yesterday Pentagram showcased the better designed days gone by on their blog by giving a retrospective of their 15 years of work with the iconic airliner. From their decision to not only keep, but celebrate Saul Bass’ now legendary mark to their excellent attention to detail (even creating custom coffee cups that mimic the angles of the logo) the article is a wonderful and crucial read into a great branding campaign that has now departed.

Visit Pentagram’s United retrospective here.


One response to “Pentagram – United brand retrospective

  1. I agree, the new livery for the merged airline is not nearly as attractive as this one. I also believe it is a mistake. I even wrote to United several times, but to no avail.


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