Pierre Le Hors – RGB Transferences

I’ll be honest, since moving to Philly late last year, I haven’t exactly found the vibrant arts community I was hoping for (I know it’s here, I just haven’t found it yet)… so I was very pleased when I arrived at the Philly Photo Arts Center’s Annual Book and Arts Fair this weekend. Lots of great vendors, artists and photographers selling a great selection of regional books, monographs, and zines. I picked up a great large size newsprint booklet from photographer Pierre Le Hors entitled “RGB Transferences” – ghostly images of colored smoke on icy landscapes mixed in psychedlic and geometric photos of isolated mirros – very nice work.

If you don’t have a chance to visit the book fair, at least check out the vendors here. And visit Pierre Le Hors portfolio here.


One response to “Pierre Le Hors – RGB Transferences

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