Studio: Neue

With a trailblazing identity for the Nordkyn region under their belts, I figured I would take a closer look at Norway’s Neue design studio. With simple but elegant executions their book does not disappoint.

Branding enthusiasts and designers are hopefully aware of their logo for Nordkyn, a reactive geodesic form whose form alters based on temperature and wind speeds in the Norwegian locality. They are clearly a patriotic bunch with other projects for the Norwegian Post and a fantastically minimal and metaphoric approach to branding the Norwegian Boatowners Association. Be sure to also check out their superb work branding and packaging designs for the Artic Berry line of candies, the energetic palette and subtle touches like watercolor brushed leaves are sweet and refreshing.

Visit Neue’s website here.


2 responses to “Studio: Neue

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  2. Great design! Well done!


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