Well Designed: JerrySeinfeld.com

Today marks the debut of the all new JerrySeinfeld.com – a website designed to be the personal archive of Jerry’s standup comedy routines and appearances. And, refreshingly, instead of a cluttered, MySpace-esque billboard to hawk his latest book or DVD collection, as so many performers and entertainers have done before him – the interface is simple, clean and devoid of any extraneous noise. Three new videos a day, nothing more, nothing less. I’m don’t personally watch a lot of stand up comedy, but I can certainly appreciate a website where the focus is a steady stream of small, bitesized content that will certainly keep fans coming back day after day.

Visit JerrySeinfeld.com here.


One response to “Well Designed: JerrySeinfeld.com

  1. I know someone that is just going to love this website! Thank you!


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