Stack magazines service

I used to love going down to my local bookstore and perusing the seemingly endless racks of magazines for hours at a time. But with those bookstores gradually vanishing from the urban landscape and my free time dwindling exponentially, I am willing to turn over my time and money to a service that can provide a nice little stack of mags and zines every other month or so that I can pour over when I carve out the time. And that’s just what Stack does. Every batch is hand selected, or if you prefer, you can cherry pick your own subscription, but I really like the idea of getting a surprise with every shipment, and judging from their showcase of previously picked magazines (a great array of design, film and music oriented publications), I know I’m in good hands. With monthly, half-year, and yearly subscriptions there’s bound to be a plan to quench your thirst and appetite for great independent magazines. Sign me up.

Visit Stack America here.



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