Lissy Elle

I included a Lissy Elle image last year in a “Weekly Stimuli” installment (what happened to that feature you may ask? It’s returning soon, but in a more robust form) and knew a dedicated post to her and her work was long overdue. Lissy photographs – sometimes manipulated, edited, photoshopped or staged – are often fantastical and sometimes macabre. They are all expertly composed with little elements you may not catch on first viewing. They have that elusive quality of being able to suck you in, and give the impression they are perhaps a still from a magical film or part of a much bigger story.

The other aspect I find remarkable is that all of Lissy’s work in some shape or form is either injected with a deep feminine tone or translates metaphors and themes most often associated with that gender. In doing so, the images feel as if they are exploring deeply personal thoughts and feelings while simultaneously capturing highly relatable emotional and visual territory.

Visit Lissy Elle’s Flickr gallery here.



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