Pantone letraset sheets

It’s amazing how since moving into an expansive, stark white apartment my opinions on colors as interior accents & decorations have shifted greatly. I have never lived in a place with so much negative space, having been used to brick walls, or inheriting some previous tenant’s terrible idea of a good wall color (my previous apartment had a giant wall I would best describe as Grape Bubble-Yum). I have resisted painting the walls, because well, I love the vastness of white. It’s has both a calming effect and the ability to give a “curated” feel to anything you decide to hang on it.

Which brings me to my newest adornment, a set of four “vintage” Pantone letraset sheets, for our living room. I say “vintage” because honestly I have no idea how old they are (I would guess they are from the late 1980’s), I only know I snagged them from the very first advertising agency I worked at right out of college, and right before they were to be trashed along with about 30 years worth of ancient design tools and materials. The sheets just happened to form a very nice complimentary palette, going from a bold orange and transitioning nicely into a soft purple.

Though I never had to interact professionally with letraset films or rubylith sheets (way before my time), I love how they not only hark back to a different time in design history, but also form a rich color field, creating a nice focal point and touch of warmth to my home. With the rise of the computer, Pantone discontinued letrasets, but I imagine with some good sleuthing on eBay you could score some color of your own!



11 responses to “Pantone letraset sheets

  1. Orange being my favourite colour!

    My Partner and I are trying to sort out the colour theme in our spare room!, in our living room we have an orange wall as a feature wall..

    but for the spare room I like the idea of it being White! with a splash of colour here and there! a simple thing to have on the wall, Framed Pantones! are a great idea! I do not want to be a copy cat but I have had some inspiration!


  2. i love color too, but what about ART?

  3. hi there, im a design student and i have a project about the Pantone history. i found your vintage Letraset pantone sheet very awesome and interesting, and i really want to know what the text on the poster is about. so i would like to ask u if u could kindly take a few pictures about the text on the top and bottom part of the sheet.

    thanks a lot 🙂

    • check your email. I snapped a couple of close ups for you. : )

      • Hi, sorry I know this post was a few years ago but I was wondering if you still had the images of the poster’s text mentioned in the comment please? Im also really interested in the information included.

        Thank you very much.

  4. got it, thanks. btw, whats those 2 (maybe 4?) lines on the lower right corner?

  5. Hello,
    Maybe you can answer this question. Does Letraset still sell sheets of press
    type or is this another casualty of desktop publishing?

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