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This week, “sneaker freakers” and fans of the beloved 80’s Back To The Future film trilogy finally saw the realization of one of the holy grails of movie-fashion concept designs: The Nike Air MAG. A prop designed and used for the second installment of the film, the Air MAGs (or Magnetic Anti-Gravity) were fantastic futuristic sky tops complete with lights and auto-lacing technology. They were of course only an idea in a film about a supposed future, but fans fell in love with them and hoped, prayed and even petitioned to see their fateful production.

This week, Nike, in partnership with Universal Films and the Michael J. Fox Foundation released a limited line of 1500 pairs of the Nike Air MAG to be placed on eBay for charity auction to raise funds for the Fox foundation seeking a cure for Parkinsons disease. All of this is wonderfully explained on Nike’s new microsite, a cleverly devised website to promote not only the legend and spirit of the films and the storied shoe, but also aiming to shed light on the affliction of Parkinsons in a witty and encouraging way. The site, which I believe was designed by Nike’s longtime agency of record Wieden and Kennedy, follows a similar structure to the previous Nike Better World site, leading the visitor downward through a series of automated tiles displaying messaging and finally landing at an interactive display video complete with a cameo from The Doc himself.

The site is clean and brisk, with bold messages set in Nike’s 80’s trademark tightly kerned bold Futura to give a perfect retro-future look and feel. Also, be sure to check out “The Continuum”, a running blog of sorts on the site that collects news, articles, events and social network activity related to the release.

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Studio: A Friend of Mine

Gotta be honest, it was hard to whittle down the fantastic work of Melbourne, Australia’s A Friend of Mine to three post images. With smart, incredibly intricate work like the VCE Season of Excellence branding (a series of paper cutouts for a university exhibition) to great, clever logos (like Kitsch & Tea on their website) and a breadth of knowledge on appropriate and eye-catching design techniques (like the church opening seen above), their portfolio is treasure trove of inspirational ideas, all expertly executed.

Visit A Friend of Mine’s website here.


Legendary branding and consulting agency Lippincott has recently redesigned and relaunched their website and it’s jam packed with not only their newest campaigns but also some of their classic work, many of which have become mainstays of American culture. The website design is clean and brisk, I especially love the “quick view” feature to swiftly access portfolio imagery and case studies.

Visit Lippincott’s website here.

Studio: Neue

With a trailblazing identity for the Nordkyn region under their belts, I figured I would take a closer look at Norway’s Neue design studio. With simple but elegant executions their book does not disappoint.

Branding enthusiasts and designers are hopefully aware of their logo for Nordkyn, a reactive geodesic form whose form alters based on temperature and wind speeds in the Norwegian locality. They are clearly a patriotic bunch with other projects for the Norwegian Post and a fantastically minimal and metaphoric approach to branding the Norwegian Boatowners Association. Be sure to also check out their superb work branding and packaging designs for the Artic Berry line of candies, the energetic palette and subtle touches like watercolor brushed leaves are sweet and refreshing.

Visit Neue’s website here.

Craig Redman

I’ve been admiring Craig Redman‘s work for a while now, so it’s about time I showcase some of his great work. Australian born, now living and working in New York City, Craig’s work is bright, bold and exuberant – filled with thick strokes, geometric patterns and deceptively minimal compositions. If you aren’t familiar with Darcel, arguably his most known character, do yourself a favor a watch some of the incredibly witty and fun animations as Darcel and his friends travel the world and visit events like London Fashion Week. I also really love his Portraits series, especially his illustrations of Kanye West and Keith Harring – colorful characters that still manage to convey real emotion and human qualities.

Visit Craig Redman’s portfolio here.

Pentagram – United brand retrospective

Many, many designers in the branding community (myself included) cringed at the recent makeover the United-Continental merger has wrought upon the newly formed airline. Yesterday Pentagram showcased the better designed days gone by on their blog by giving a retrospective of their 15 years of work with the iconic airliner. From their decision to not only keep, but celebrate Saul Bass’ now legendary mark to their excellent attention to detail (even creating custom coffee cups that mimic the angles of the logo) the article is a wonderful and crucial read into a great branding campaign that has now departed.

Visit Pentagram’s United retrospective here.

Radiohead – The Universal Sigh Newspaper

Today Radiohead releases their promotional newspaper The Universal Sigh for free in select locations around the world, to promote their new album The King of Limbs, which gets a physical release this week. The newspaper designed by Radiohead and longtime visual partner, artist and designer Stanley Donwood, continues the visual mythology and language they have been building upon and employing since Kid A.

Visit here to see where you can pick up The Universal Sigh. And visit here to download a PDF copy of the newspaper.