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Dave Pickett – Nook table

Product designer Dave Pickett‘s newest project, the Nook table is exquisite. Part angular centerpiece and part book shelf, it straddles the fine line between artful and useful. I love the idea of having a really striking, almost carved looking table that also acts as a showcase for a selection of your favorite reading materials. While this is still in the concept/prototype stage, I really hope it goes into production soon, I’m liking what I see.

Visit Dave Pickett’s website here, for more great product designs.

IDEO – c60 music player concept

IDEO, the conceptual and creative powerhouse, has turned it’s sights on reinventing the social music player. The digital age has certainly seen a proliferation of players, but many remove the sensual delight of touching and interacting with the actual songs in some kind of format. c6o (featured in their new book I Miss My Pencil) aims to the back by embedding “song cards” with RFID chips that sensors within the player can read and form playlists and even mixes from, these cards carry a signal that prompts the player to recall the track form a database or your home computer, playing it through your speakers. I love this concept, especially for more social gatherings, like having a “mixtape” party where every one brings five of their favorite song cards to share and incorporate into a longer mix for the evening. Of course, that can be done now, through hooking up iPods and whatnot, but this allows for people to touch, handle and mix at will, all without the nuisance of looking at a screen, making it less about the technology and more about the music itself.

Visit the “I Miss My Pencil” website here to see more videos and fantastic ideas from IDEO.

Ray Fenwick

The talented Canadian artist and illustrator Ray Fenwick has just updated his online portfolio to include lots more awesome projects. Be sure to check out his “Comics” and “Books” sections, both are filled with really amazing work.

Visit Ray Fenwick’s portfolio here.

Marian Bantjes – I Wonder book

For that graphic designer, or creative mind in your life (hint, hint) this couldn’t come at a better time. Just in time for the holidays, I Wonder, the new book by Marian Bantjes is a lush, baroque tome of eye candy by one of the premier North American designer/illustrators working today.

Marian’s style and work has been commissioned for major brands like Target and Saks Fifth Avenue, and I Wonder not only explores those pieces but also shares more personal and non-commercial artwork. It’s a visual journey, led by an incredibly hard-working and talented sherpa.

Visit Marian’s website here, or pick up a copy at Amazon here.

Homemade is Best – IKEA

If you haven’t seen this yet, head over to the always inspirational Dezeen and see more images. “Homemade is Best” is a Swedish recipe book in collaboration with Forsman & Bodenfors, stylist Evelina Bratell and photographer Carl Kleiner. The images, composed of ingredients in incredibly visually appealing ways is giving me the itch to bake again.

See more of the project at Dezeen.

Andrew Townsend

British graphic designer Andrew Townsend is a versatile talent, working in multiple mediums, from identity design to typography. I really enjoyed seeing his playful typefaces using physical objects like socks and pine cones.

View his portfolio here.