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This week, “sneaker freakers” and fans of the beloved 80’s Back To The Future film trilogy finally saw the realization of one of the holy grails of movie-fashion concept designs: The Nike Air MAG. A prop designed and used for the second installment of the film, the Air MAGs (or Magnetic Anti-Gravity) were fantastic futuristic sky tops complete with lights and auto-lacing technology. They were of course only an idea in a film about a supposed future, but fans fell in love with them and hoped, prayed and even petitioned to see their fateful production.

This week, Nike, in partnership with Universal Films and the Michael J. Fox Foundation released a limited line of 1500 pairs of the Nike Air MAG to be placed on eBay for charity auction to raise funds for the Fox foundation seeking a cure for Parkinsons disease. All of this is wonderfully explained on Nike’s new microsite, a cleverly devised website to promote not only the legend and spirit of the films and the storied shoe, but also aiming to shed light on the affliction of Parkinsons in a witty and encouraging way. The site, which I believe was designed by Nike’s longtime agency of record Wieden and Kennedy, follows a similar structure to the previous Nike Better World site, leading the visitor downward through a series of automated tiles displaying messaging and finally landing at an interactive display video complete with a cameo from The Doc himself.

The site is clean and brisk, with bold messages set in Nike’s 80’s trademark tightly kerned bold Futura to give a perfect retro-future look and feel. Also, be sure to check out “The Continuum”, a running blog of sorts on the site that collects news, articles, events and social network activity related to the release.

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Metropolitan Museum remembers McQueen

Head over to My Modern Met to see some stunning images of the mannequins adorned with Alexander McQueen creations for the Metropolitan Museum in New York’s upcoming retrospective show of his work. The lighting, the poses and absense of any distracting background graphics really make the pieces the focal point. The show will run from May 4 – July 31, 2011.

Visit My Modern Met here to see more images.

Jonas Akerlund – “Hold It Against Me” music video

My tolerance for “pop music” has certainly waned over the years, but when famed director Jonas Akerlund decides to create a new music video, my ears and eyes certainly perk up. His newest, for Britney Spears“Hold It Against Me” is nothing short of a technical marvel. A meta-vanity “shoot within a shoot” its scenes simultaneously reminded me of movies like Blade Runner and Brazil and yet was capable of forming a wholly unique world for the performances. Towering apocalyptic ramshackle video silos, spurting paint veins, dueling Britneys, and plenty of seizure worthy editing give the viewer a fly-on-the-wall style vantage point to attempt to soak in all the bewildering visuals.

Enjoy the video and more screen captures after the jump.

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Early 20th Century Australian criminal mug shots

I absolutely love this rather extensive batch of photos of criminals taken in the early 1920-30’s in Australia. Many look as if they resemble some contemporary photo shoot, in the newest spreads of a fashion rag, harking back to a romantic time with rich sepia tones, weathered faces and vintage clothing. The whole set is fascinating and strangely beautiful, especially when you realize that all of these images are of people no longer living.

Via La Boite Verte, visit their post here.

TRON Legacy – “making of” video

Fantastic behind the scenes making-of video showing how a lot of the stunts and CGI wizardry was done for the TRON Legacy. Nice to see some good ole’ fashioned acrobatics and acting were at the core of a majority of the film. The video does contain some spoilers, so for those of you who haven’t seen it yet (and you should), be prepared.

Update: Looks like Disney keeps taking this video down all over YouTube, hopefully the new link works. If not, do a search for “making of TRON” at YouTube. God forbid Disney has some content that promotes a popular movie up on the internet for free.

weekly stimuli – vol. 34

Here’s the latest installment of Weekly Stimuli – a batch of images from my inspiration archives.

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