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The Byczek blog is dead. Long live The Exaltation.

When I started this personal blog of things that I found inspirational, I never thought I would find an outlet that so many other people would connect with. Since March 2010, I’ve been fortunate enough to watch the site visits grow and grow, eventually adding up to tens of thousands of unique visitors. Just about a year and half old, The Byczek Blog has, proverbially, grown too big for it’s britches and a transformation of some sort was bound to happen.

I’m happy to announce that I have launched a new site, The Exaltation, with the purpose of not only sharing what I love and admire, but expanding to include a team of incredibly talented and thoughtful friends and colleagues. The Exaltation is all about high praise for art, design, architecture, films, music, fashion, events, products and whatever else we feel is worth sharing and celebrating. The site will hopefully grow steadily and morph along the way, and I look forward to cultivating a great site worthy of it’s name. I want to thank you for all your support and hope that you’ll find just as much inspiration in the new project.

Visit The Exaltation here, and be sure to like our Facebook page.



Polaroid Week

Frequent readers of my blog know that all the Instagrams and Hipstamatic camera apps in the world won’t replace my love of the original Polaroid. This week marks the unofficial “Polaroid Week” and sites like Flickr and the Impossible Project are celebrating by highlighting some of the incredibly beautiful and artistic creations by their avid fans. I count myself as one of them, having taken hundreds of Polaroids through the years, I cherish my collection and though I may have been lured to the instant digital dark side, nothing can top their look and feel for me.

See some of my Polaroids here, and visit Flickr’s “Roid Week” gallery here. Also, check out the Impossible Project’s blog to see even more great Polaroid galleries!

Personal Work: Urban Forest Banner

The Urban Forest Project banners for Washington DC are finally getting installed throughout the Gallery Place area, so do yourself a favor and wander down on your lunchbreak or over a weekend and take in all the great creative designs and artwork. I snapped some pics of my design (see above) and below is a brief video interview conducted for the project discussing the inspiration behind my banner. If you can’t visit them in person, the UFP website has a gallery showing all 100 chosen designs.

To learn more about the Urban Forest Project and to see a map of where the banners are installed, visit here.

Personal Work: Bowie Gridley Architects website

In early 2010, while working at Unison, I had the pleasure of working on designs and concepts that would eventually become the new website and online portfolio of Bowie Gridley Architects, based in Washington DC. Recently launched, BGA’s website is a robust and clean window into not only their extensive portfolio but also their process and methodology. Congrats to Unison and their team for another great website!

Visit the BGA site here.

Earthquake/Tsunami victims

Catastrophic damage from an historic earthquake and the following tsunami have left many parts of north-eastern Japan destroyed. You can help, donate and learn more at

Birthday + Thanks

Today I turn 31, so I made a little “Bb” graphic to commemorate it. Also of exciting news is that today caps off the biggest month, traffic wise, for my humble creativity blog. I’m so grateful to have a well-received platform to share my own work as well as celebrate all the great designers, artists, photographers, film makers, illustrators and other amazing talent from around the world.

Obviously, none of this is possible without your continued interest and visits, so thanks so much!