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Contre Jour – iPhone game

I’m only a couple of levels into the recently released iPhone game Contre Jour (which roughly translates to against daylight), but I am loving it. Visually it’s kind of a mix of Little Big Planet’s creatures with Limbo’s muted palette (with a little bit of Darcel’s one eyed attitude). The game itself is a simple but extremely engaging scene scroller as you help the main character, Petit, grab light sources and traverse an rough terrain by transforming the land around to move him in the right direction. The whole game is bathed in simple textures and monochromatic tones, punctuated only by bright blues and Petit’s ever wandering eye.

You can grab the game for only a buck on the iTunes App store here.



This week, “sneaker freakers” and fans of the beloved 80’s Back To The Future film trilogy finally saw the realization of one of the holy grails of movie-fashion concept designs: The Nike Air MAG. A prop designed and used for the second installment of the film, the Air MAGs (or Magnetic Anti-Gravity) were fantastic futuristic sky tops complete with lights and auto-lacing technology. They were of course only an idea in a film about a supposed future, but fans fell in love with them and hoped, prayed and even petitioned to see their fateful production.

This week, Nike, in partnership with Universal Films and the Michael J. Fox Foundation released a limited line of 1500 pairs of the Nike Air MAG to be placed on eBay for charity auction to raise funds for the Fox foundation seeking a cure for Parkinsons disease. All of this is wonderfully explained on Nike’s new microsite, a cleverly devised website to promote not only the legend and spirit of the films and the storied shoe, but also aiming to shed light on the affliction of Parkinsons in a witty and encouraging way. The site, which I believe was designed by Nike’s longtime agency of record Wieden and Kennedy, follows a similar structure to the previous Nike Better World site, leading the visitor downward through a series of automated tiles displaying messaging and finally landing at an interactive display video complete with a cameo from The Doc himself.

The site is clean and brisk, with bold messages set in Nike’s 80’s trademark tightly kerned bold Futura to give a perfect retro-future look and feel. Also, be sure to check out “The Continuum”, a running blog of sorts on the site that collects news, articles, events and social network activity related to the release.

Visit here. 









Pop Chart Labs – The Evolution of Video Game Controllers Print

Brooklyn’s Pop Chart Lab is back with a brand new print and this time they set their well honed sights on “The Evolution of the Video Game Controller”. Like most of PCL’s designs, they chart and document a varied and crowded topic, in an extremely detailed and organized way. Be sure to also check out their other great prints, especially “A Visual Compendium of Notable Haircuts…” and my personal favorite, “The Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools.”

Visit the Pop Chart Lab here.

Libratone Lounge Speakers

Between these and the Jawbone Jamboxes, speaker makers are really making a well-designed attempt to cater to the Apple iDevice crowd. Scandinavian audiologists Libratone recently unveiled their Airplay enabled Lounge series of speakers, an all in one elongated case draped in cashmere wool, about the length of a large rolling pin. A modern, beautifully minimal piece for sure, but at about $2K each, I doubt I will come in contact with one anytime soon. Libratone, if you are reading this, I am, however, more than happy to test one out if you would like to send me one (in grey please)!

Read about Libratone’s new Lounge speakers here.

Poppin Office Supplies

Now that the Poppin office supplies website has gone beta and you can now place orders, I figured it’s worth to do a post reminding readers of their great products. With a colorful spectrum of options and great sets, you can mix and match to create the perfect desk mates that are sure to brighten your work day. Rulers, staplers, highlighters, scissors, inboxes and more are all available now.

Visit the Poppin store here.

Pantone letraset sheets

It’s amazing how since moving into an expansive, stark white apartment my opinions on colors as interior accents & decorations have shifted greatly. I have never lived in a place with so much negative space, having been used to brick walls, or inheriting some previous tenant’s terrible idea of a good wall color (my previous apartment had a giant wall I would best describe as Grape Bubble-Yum). I have resisted painting the walls, because well, I love the vastness of white. It’s has both a calming effect and the ability to give a “curated” feel to anything you decide to hang on it.

Which brings me to my newest adornment, a set of four “vintage” Pantone letraset sheets, for our living room. I say “vintage” because honestly I have no idea how old they are (I would guess they are from the late 1980’s), I only know I snagged them from the very first advertising agency I worked at right out of college, and right before they were to be trashed along with about 30 years worth of ancient design tools and materials. The sheets just happened to form a very nice complimentary palette, going from a bold orange and transitioning nicely into a soft purple.

Though I never had to interact professionally with letraset films or rubylith sheets (way before my time), I love how they not only hark back to a different time in design history, but also form a rich color field, creating a nice focal point and touch of warmth to my home. With the rise of the computer, Pantone discontinued letrasets, but I imagine with some good sleuthing on eBay you could score some color of your own!


Stack magazines service

I used to love going down to my local bookstore and perusing the seemingly endless racks of magazines for hours at a time. But with those bookstores gradually vanishing from the urban landscape and my free time dwindling exponentially, I am willing to turn over my time and money to a service that can provide a nice little stack of mags and zines every other month or so that I can pour over when I carve out the time. And that’s just what Stack does. Every batch is hand selected, or if you prefer, you can cherry pick your own subscription, but I really like the idea of getting a surprise with every shipment, and judging from their showcase of previously picked magazines (a great array of design, film and music oriented publications), I know I’m in good hands. With monthly, half-year, and yearly subscriptions there’s bound to be a plan to quench your thirst and appetite for great independent magazines. Sign me up.

Visit Stack America here.