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Katherine Verhoeven – Drawn & Devoured

Documenting the food and drink one consumes is certainly not a new idea, but I love the particular illustrated perspective that artist Katherine Verhoeven puts on it in her running blog, Drawn & Devoured. Her drawings (especially the newest ones on her blog) have taken a decidedly Art-Deco classic 1930-40’s look and feel to them, many rendered with a sun bleached palette of cremes, olives and goldenrods…really beautiful work that could act as their own visual menus for these delectable dishes. Good enough to eat, indeed.

Visit Drawn & Devoured here.


Studio: A Friend of Mine

Gotta be honest, it was hard to whittle down the fantastic work of Melbourne, Australia’s A Friend of Mine to three post images. With smart, incredibly intricate work like the VCE Season of Excellence branding (a series of paper cutouts for a university exhibition) to great, clever logos (like Kitsch & Tea on their website) and a breadth of knowledge on appropriate and eye-catching design techniques (like the church opening seen above), their portfolio is treasure trove of inspirational ideas, all expertly executed.

Visit A Friend of Mine’s website here.

MomentUS Project

Similar in spirit to the 50 and 50 Project, the MomentUS Project pairs designers and illustrators with “the most defining moments in United States History”. Rolling out a new visualization every day or so, there’s already 4 great illustrations posted, I especially love The Revolutionary War by typographer/designer Jon Contino.

Visit the MomentUS Project here.

Well Designed:

The fine folks at idsgn have launched a new website, Newswordy, which is best left to them to describe:

“Buzzwords are frequently used in news media. These are words that do not typically occur in everyday speech, but are common among newscasters, talking heads, and pundits on cable news. Every weekday, Newswordy will celebrate one of these words.”

With a simple, wonderfully scalable, 3 column grid and a minimal hierarchy, Newswordy posts are easily digestible but also rich in content. Given examples lead to original sources and there’s even a column devoted to the use of the weekly word in everyday Twitter feeds. The typography is clean and the design is crisp and to the point. I even love the rotating full field color palette to add a nice change of environment with each post.

Visit Newswordy here.

Pentagram – United brand retrospective

Many, many designers in the branding community (myself included) cringed at the recent makeover the United-Continental merger has wrought upon the newly formed airline. Yesterday Pentagram showcased the better designed days gone by on their blog by giving a retrospective of their 15 years of work with the iconic airliner. From their decision to not only keep, but celebrate Saul Bass’ now legendary mark to their excellent attention to detail (even creating custom coffee cups that mimic the angles of the logo) the article is a wonderful and crucial read into a great branding campaign that has now departed.

Visit Pentagram’s United retrospective here.

Nicholas Felton – 2010 Annual Report

Designer Nicholas Felton, aka Feltron, has just released his “2010 Annual Report” and instead of focusing on the minutiae of his life last year, he lovingly dissects the life and genealogy of his recently deceased father. A beautiful and wholly unique way of cataloging and remembering a beloved family member in a way that only Mr. Felton could execute. As with all of Nicholas’ work, the geometric themes, typography and trademark simple palette are masterfully done, giving the viewer a clean and organized stage to digest the remarkable breakdown of his father’s life.

View the “2010 Annual Report” here.

Letter Playground

Apparently, Letter Playground has been around for a while, but it is certainly new to me (I lack the superpower of overseeing every corner of the internet, evidently). It’s a delightful website / forum for “everyday joes” and designers and illustrators to show off their hand-drawn (although I see some computer aided type in there also) letters and alphabet creations. Lots of great inspiration from tons of talented people.

Visit the Letter Playground here.