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Nicholas Felton – 2010 Annual Report

Designer Nicholas Felton, aka Feltron, has just released his “2010 Annual Report” and instead of focusing on the minutiae of his life last year, he lovingly dissects the life and genealogy of his recently deceased father. A beautiful and wholly unique way of cataloging and remembering a beloved family member in a way that only Mr. Felton could execute. As with all of Nicholas’ work, the geometric themes, typography and trademark simple palette are masterfully done, giving the viewer a clean and organized stage to digest the remarkable breakdown of his father’s life.

View the “2010 Annual Report” here.


Happy Holiday and a Joyous New Year.

I just want to wish everyone the happiest of holidays and a joyous new year! When I started this blog back in March, as a way of showcasing new work and also to celebrate all the amazing artists, designers and creators I love, I never dreamed I would get as huge a response as I have had. Two hundred plus posts, hundreds of comments, and thousands of visitors later, I feel really lucky to have a great outlet that many of you enjoy reading as well. There’s some more content coming in the next couple of weeks, but just wanted to extend my appreciation and holiday cheer now.

Here’s to an even brighter and better 2011!

Pomo – I Am Love

One of my favorite movies of the 2010, I Am Love also had some of the most beautiful title and location typography sequences I have seen all year. What opens as an austere and frigid winter eventually blossoms into a heated, lustful spring, and the type treatments for both the movie and production credits perfectly illustrates those two worlds, so when I came across a video of the opening sequence I had to post about it. The design and calligraphy are expertly done by POMO, a small design and art direction house based in Milan. As they describe the treatments: “The result echoes both the handwritten titles of the Italian neo-Realist films of the late 1940s, and the Milanese shop signs of that period. Bellissima!”

Visit POMO’s studio website here. And also take a look at this flickr set of stills showing their work in the movie.

National Geographic – Photography Contest 2010

I am aware that I have been posting alot of photography lately, there’s just been a slew of really excellent images lately that are too interesting to not share. National Geographic recently released their 2010 Photography Contest nominees and they are striking, beautiful, tragic and sometimes too amazing for words. Some really strong entries this year, especially in the nature categories.

You can see many of the photographs at the Boston BIg Picture page here.

Shanghai Expo 2010 pavilions

The United Kingdom’s pavilion
Luxembourg’s pavilion

The Shanghai Expo 2010 begins this weekend and if there’s one aspect of it that I find utterly fantastic it’s the unique architecture every country is bringing to their individual pavilions. I have collected some of my favorites here.

More images after the jump.

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