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Richard Barnes

I stumbled upon Richard Barnes’ photography and this set in particular really struck me as beautiful. To me they form a visual bridge of sorts between the museum behind-the-scenes images of Klaus Pichler and the suspended formaldehyde sculptures of Damien Hirst. Perfectly framed beasts, frozen, seemingly caged for all time.

Visit Richard Barnes’ portfolio here.


Danielle Van Ark – The Mounted Life

Over the last couple of years there have been more than a couple of celebrated photography sets featuring taxidermia, especially creatures lurking in the shadows of museum storage hangars around the world. Danielle Van Ark‘s The Mounted Life does a remarkable job of capturing that elusive feeling of attempting to capture the internal spirit and nature of these creatures, as if they awoke and found themselves suddenly stuck inside the husk of a giant, modern facility. The photos are composed wonderfully – a herd of bewildered impalas, or a flock of birds trying to poke up through their plastic cover, proving that even after removing a creature from both it’s environment and of life itself, their behaviors and innate traits still find a way to come through.

Visit Danielle Van Ark’s portfolio site here.

weekly stimuli – vol. 36

Here’s the 36th volume of Weekly Stimuli – a batch of images from my inspiration archives.

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weekly stimuli – vol. 30

Here’s the latest edition of Weekly Stimuli, a batch of images from my “inspiration archives”.

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