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Pomo – I Am Love

One of my favorite movies of the 2010, I Am Love also had some of the most beautiful title and location typography sequences I have seen all year. What opens as an austere and frigid winter eventually blossoms into a heated, lustful spring, and the type treatments for both the movie and production credits perfectly illustrates those two worlds, so when I came across a video of the opening sequence I had to post about it. The design and calligraphy are expertly done by POMO, a small design and art direction house based in Milan. As they describe the treatments: “The result echoes both the handwritten titles of the Italian neo-Realist films of the late 1940s, and the Milanese shop signs of that period. Bellissima!”

Visit POMO’s studio website here. And also take a look at this flickr set of stills showing their work in the movie.


Robert G. Bartholot

Robert G. Bartholot‘s body of work reads as a mad scientist with lots of ideas and access to the tools to realize them. Equal parts photography, art direction, set design, and artistic expression, his images both personal and for clients are whimsical, often colorful, and a bit insane. But what they all have in common is that are superbly executed and I imagine carefully and painstakingly crafted with a perfectionist’s eye.

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