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Pierre Le Hors – RGB Transferences

I’ll be honest, since moving to Philly late last year, I haven’t exactly found the vibrant arts community I was hoping for (I know it’s here, I just haven’t found it yet)… so I was very pleased when I arrived at the Philly Photo Arts Center’s Annual Book and Arts Fair this weekend. Lots of great vendors, artists and photographers selling a great selection of regional books, monographs, and zines. I picked up a great large size newsprint booklet from photographer Pierre Le Hors entitled “RGB Transferences” – ghostly images of colored smoke on icy landscapes mixed in psychedlic and geometric photos of isolated mirros – very nice work.

If you don’t have a chance to visit the book fair, at least check out the vendors here. And visit Pierre Le Hors portfolio here.


Lori Nix – The City

The images above are not post-disaster documentary photographs from forgotten or abandoned urban areas, but are instead, tiny dioramas and intricate miniature sets created and then photographed by Lori Nix. Her series, entitled The City, is her most elaborate and pain staking effort to date. Hollowed out churches, destroyed hair salons, overgrown botanical gardens and vacuum showrooms run amuck are just a few of the fantastic scenes she has created.

Visit Lori Nix’s The City series here.

Jason Polan – Every Person in NY

Jason Polan, a professional illustrator and artist, has taken on an ambitious and some would say, impossible project. He is attempting to draw a portrait of every person in New York City. You can witness his efforts at his blog which he updates every day with image after image of everyday people doing all sorts of things. Jason’s strategy is quite simple, he sits in public spaces or restaurants or parks and sketches who he sees around him.

You can follow his progress here.

And be sure to watch this MoMA 30-second film of Jason in action here.