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Brian Dettmer

I recently visited this year’s installment of the US Artists show, which took place at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. Basically a way for galleries, local and national, to showcase their best and most interesting works that were up for sale. Ranging from colonial to contemporary there was quite a range on display including some amazing paper cut sculptures by Brian Dettmer. Using materials like books, maps and other printed ephemera, Brian carefully constructs astounding worlds and visions with incredible depth and composition. The pieces I had a chance to see appeared to be carved out of single books, like dioramas constructed out of nothing but hundreds of sheets of paper. Amazing stuff to see up on screen, but even more fascinating in person.

Visit Brian Dettmer’s portfolio here.


Pierre Le Hors – RGB Transferences

I’ll be honest, since moving to Philly late last year, I haven’t exactly found the vibrant arts community I was hoping for (I know it’s here, I just haven’t found it yet)… so I was very pleased when I arrived at the Philly Photo Arts Center’s Annual Book and Arts Fair this weekend. Lots of great vendors, artists and photographers selling a great selection of regional books, monographs, and zines. I picked up a great large size newsprint booklet from photographer Pierre Le Hors entitled “RGB Transferences” – ghostly images of colored smoke on icy landscapes mixed in psychedlic and geometric photos of isolated mirros – very nice work.

If you don’t have a chance to visit the book fair, at least check out the vendors here. And visit Pierre Le Hors portfolio here.

IDEO – c60 music player concept

IDEO, the conceptual and creative powerhouse, has turned it’s sights on reinventing the social music player. The digital age has certainly seen a proliferation of players, but many remove the sensual delight of touching and interacting with the actual songs in some kind of format. c6o (featured in their new book I Miss My Pencil) aims to the back by embedding “song cards” with RFID chips that sensors within the player can read and form playlists and even mixes from, these cards carry a signal that prompts the player to recall the track form a database or your home computer, playing it through your speakers. I love this concept, especially for more social gatherings, like having a “mixtape” party where every one brings five of their favorite song cards to share and incorporate into a longer mix for the evening. Of course, that can be done now, through hooking up iPods and whatnot, but this allows for people to touch, handle and mix at will, all without the nuisance of looking at a screen, making it less about the technology and more about the music itself.

Visit the “I Miss My Pencil” website here to see more videos and fantastic ideas from IDEO.

Ray Fenwick

The talented Canadian artist and illustrator Ray Fenwick has just updated his online portfolio to include lots more awesome projects. Be sure to check out his “Comics” and “Books” sections, both are filled with really amazing work.

Visit Ray Fenwick’s portfolio here.

Café Con Leche

Who doesn’t love stickers? Café Con Leche, an illustrator/artist duo living in Mexico City, creates lots of wildly imaginative things, everything from stuffed creatures and zines, and also have a running sticker series that includes works from many other great artists from around the world.

Explore their curious and fanciful world here.

Coralie Bickford-Smith

Book jacket design can be a tricky canvas to create for. Between strange author demands and publisher requests for more explicit imagery (explicit as in, detailing the contents of the book), and designer’s own unique disciplines and styles, it’s amazing that any good publication design exists. Of course it does, and in the fine hands of Chip Kidd, Rodrigo Corral and others, it’s actually elevated to an art form. I would also add British designer Coralie Bickford-Smith into that group of designers pushing high concept, minimal but revealing sleeves and covers.

See her portfolio here.

Brian Banton

Brian Banton is a Canadian graphic designer with a clean, consistently minimal approach to problem solving and informative artwork. I particularly like his typography skills and bold uses of color that pop up throughout his work.

Visit his portfolio here.