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Fauxgo (faux-logo) tumbler

The Fauxgo tumbler, curated and run by the very talented designer and illustrator Tymn Armstrong, focuses solely on “symbols or other small design created to represent a fictional company that exists only on film.” Pop culture nerds (me included) will definitely recognize Monsters Inc., Buy N Large from Wall-E, and other great celluloid corporate design. And best of all, Tymn assures me via Twitter, that one of my favorite faux-corporations, the evil quasi governing empire, Weyland-Yutani from the Alien films, will be added very soon!

Visit Fauxgo here.

Studio: Fuzzco

Charleston, South Carolina based design and branding firm Fuzzco has been quietly producing expertly crafted branding and design projects for a couple of years now and with a recent rave review by Brand New for the rebranding of restaurant chain Kickin’ Chicken, their status is sure to rise. Their work is consistently smart and clean with wonderful little details & clever copywriting, and many of their projects often include great illustrations and icon sets.

Visit Fuzzco’s website here.

Studio: A Friend of Mine

Gotta be honest, it was hard to whittle down the fantastic work of Melbourne, Australia’s A Friend of Mine to three post images. With smart, incredibly intricate work like the VCE Season of Excellence branding (a series of paper cutouts for a university exhibition) to great, clever logos (like Kitsch & Tea on their website) and a breadth of knowledge on appropriate and eye-catching design techniques (like the church opening seen above), their portfolio is treasure trove of inspirational ideas, all expertly executed.

Visit A Friend of Mine’s website here.

Studio: Love & War

New York City’s Love & War recently received a huge accolade in the form of the 2011 James Beard Award for Outstanding Graphics for their identity work for The National restaurant. With a minimal wordmark (and a lovely abbreviated alternate), excellent typography and wonderful illustrations, it’s a classy and elegant identity that also doesn’t take itself too seriously, much like the majority of Love & War’s portfolio of work.

Partnering and creating distinct projects for such high profile clients as Sony, Martha Stewart and NBC, there’s a distinct air of restraint and thoughtfulness in both the copywriting and design that is rarely found when working with such large corporations. Be sure to also check out their work on social media campaigns for both Malibu Rum and for the movie Despicable Me. Adorable and clever.

Visit Love & War’s site here.

Relaunched: Lippincott.com

Legendary branding and consulting agency Lippincott has recently redesigned and relaunched their website and it’s jam packed with not only their newest campaigns but also some of their classic work, many of which have become mainstays of American culture. The website design is clean and brisk, I especially love the “quick view” feature to swiftly access portfolio imagery and case studies.

Visit Lippincott’s website here.