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Art of the Title Sequence

Great video that only brushes the surface of some of the best title designs and sequences in film history. The Art of the Title is a website devoted to such a craft, which over the last couple of decades has become a medium of artwork in itself.

Visit Art of the Title here.


Gerd Arntz – iPhone Memory Game

A classic “memory” game created for your iPhone and iPad by the estate of legendary iconographer Gerd Arntz? And it’s free?! Simply wonderful, and a great way to get to know the work of a great designer.

Visit the Gerd Arntz Memory game app page here.

Christina Perry – Madmen posters

It’s no secret that I love Madmen, what creative worth their salt doesn’t? These posters designed and created by Christina Perry are a clever way to showcase the male leads. Well done.

You can see more of Christina’s work and purchase the posters here.

Eurico Sa Fernandes

Versatile Brazilian designer, typographer, photographer and artist Eurico Sa Fernandes, has an inspirational amount of patience and dedication for his work. Many of his featured projects include hand-dranw typography, carefully crafted and well utilized. I also enjoyed a peek into his sketchbook and custom illustration, which are witty and often funny.

See his portfolio here.