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Design Philadelphia 2011

Just got my promotional mailer officially announcing Design Philadelphia 2011. Now in it’s 7th year, Design Philadelphia is a ten day long city wide umbrella of events, speakers, exhibitions and workshops in many mediums include graphic design, fine art, fashion, photography and more. I’ll be trying to hit as many highlights as I can (last year’s Light Drift installation by artist Meejin Yoon was fantastic) through the Oct. 13-23 timeframe.

Follow all the upcoming Design Philadelphia events here.

And be sure to check out Mike Smith‘s excellent posters designs (like Participate above) promoting Design Philadelphia here.

(postcard design by Paragraph, Inc.)

Metropolitan Museum remembers McQueen

Head over to My Modern Met to see some stunning images of the mannequins adorned with Alexander McQueen creations for the Metropolitan Museum in New York’s upcoming retrospective show of his work. The lighting, the poses and absense of any distracting background graphics really make the pieces the focal point. The show will run from May 4 – July 31, 2011.

Visit My Modern Met here to see more images.

Peter Phillips + Chanel = “Here Comes The Beauty Pack” video

Head over to the wonderful Nowness website to see an exclusive stop-motion film created by Peter Philips to promote Chanel‘s newest cosmetics and makeup products. Entitled Here Comes The Beauty Pack, the short film is full of great executions and clever ideas using only the simple shapes of the items to form spiders, robots and fierce fashionistas.

Click here to see Here Comes The Beauty Pack.

weekly stimuli – vol. 34

Here’s the latest installment of Weekly Stimuli – a batch of images from my inspiration archives.

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weekly stimuli – vol. 32

Here’s the latest installment of Weekly Stimuli, a batch of images from my inspiration archives.

Enjoy the images after the jump!

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Design Philadelphia – Oct. 7–17, 2010

If you live in Philly, as I do, and you are either involved in or a fan of the creative arts than you have probably heard about DesignPhiladelphia, a two week long, city-wide series of events, happenings, pop-up stores, exhibitions, work-shops, showings and other creative endeavors. There are a myriad of engagements and I found many different kinds of events that I have vowed to attempt to either participate in or experience. Obviously, whenever I do I will post about them here!

Yesterday, I visited an exhibit entitled “Philly Works” of merchants and craftsmen (and craftswomen) at the Meyerson Hall on the UPenn campus. The gallery is filled with various different wares, including furniture, screen prints, home made speakers, clothing and many more items.

After the jump is a selection of people, who’s pieces I found particularly interesting.

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