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Gary Hustwit’s Urbanized

Documentarian and director Gary Hustwit has just released a trailer for the upcoming film Urbanized, his third “design” related film after Helvetica and Objectified. If the previous films are anything to go by, this surely won’t disappoint.

Learn more about the film at it’s website here.


Outliers Project

Earlier this week, one of my favorite photographers, Kim Holtermand, announced an awesome new project in collaboration with film makers Scenic and fellow visionary Tim Navis. Outliers, Volume 1, aims to create a series of short films in and around the beautiful and mysterious Icelandic countryside. A Kickstarter project has already launched and you can pledge funds now until September, with a whole range of tiers with some great and unique gifts for your support, like limited edition books celebrating the project and one-off prints and stills of their sure-to-be impressive work.

Learn more about the Outliers Project and pledge funds here.

Kyle Tezak – The 4 Icon Challenge

I meant to post about this last month, but now that designer Kyle Tezak has wisely decided to sell prints of this series, it still bears sharing. A self imposed challenge, Kyle decided to represent some of his favorite movies in only four icons, the result is the 4 Icon Challenge, a wonderfully simple, yet incredibly precise and witty visual legend to some great movies. Kyle is now selling prints of them on his online store.

See the series and purchase a print here.

Art of the Title Sequence

Great video that only brushes the surface of some of the best title designs and sequences in film history. The Art of the Title is a website devoted to such a craft, which over the last couple of decades has become a medium of artwork in itself.

Visit Art of the Title here.

Peter Phillips + Chanel = “Here Comes The Beauty Pack” video

Head over to the wonderful Nowness website to see an exclusive stop-motion film created by Peter Philips to promote Chanel‘s newest cosmetics and makeup products. Entitled Here Comes The Beauty Pack, the short film is full of great executions and clever ideas using only the simple shapes of the items to form spiders, robots and fierce fashionistas.

Click here to see Here Comes The Beauty Pack.

Pomo – I Am Love

One of my favorite movies of the 2010, I Am Love also had some of the most beautiful title and location typography sequences I have seen all year. What opens as an austere and frigid winter eventually blossoms into a heated, lustful spring, and the type treatments for both the movie and production credits perfectly illustrates those two worlds, so when I came across a video of the opening sequence I had to post about it. The design and calligraphy are expertly done by POMO, a small design and art direction house based in Milan. As they describe the treatments: “The result echoes both the handwritten titles of the Italian neo-Realist films of the late 1940s, and the Milanese shop signs of that period. Bellissima!”

Visit POMO’s studio website here. And also take a look at this flickr set of stills showing their work in the movie.

NYT Magazine – 14 Actors Acting

To celebrate the New York Times’ newest edition, entitled “The Hollywood Issue”, NYT Mag enlisted a bevy of A-List talent including Tilda Swinton, Natalie Portman, Michael Douglas, James Franco and more to be shot vignette-style by director Solve Sundsbo. 14 Actors Acting is a video gallery of classic screen types, dramatically scored by Owen Pallett.

Watch “14 Actors Acting” here.