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Letter Playground

Apparently, Letter Playground has been around for a while, but it is certainly new to me (I lack the superpower of overseeing every corner of the internet, evidently). It’s a delightful website / forum for “everyday joes” and designers and illustrators to show off their hand-drawn (although I see some computer aided type in there also) letters and alphabet creations. Lots of great inspiration from tons of talented people.

Visit the Letter Playground here.


MoMA – 23 Fonts added to Design Collection

NYC’s prestigious Museum of Modern Art announced today the addition of 23 “digital” fonts to it’s permanent Architecture and Design Collection. Why is this important you may ask? It signifies a great moment for type designers and typography enthusiasts everywhere as “digital” or commercially available fonts are included alongside artwork and design milestones of the 20th (and 21st) Century, acknowledging their ubiquity and popularity as well as their aesthetic beauty and the craftsmanship of the foundries that produced them. Gotham, Didot, OCR-A and Big Caslon (all used in the graphic above) were selected along with 19 others and will be celebrated and on display at the upcoming Standard Deviations show, opening March 2nd.

Read more about MoMA’s acquisitions and upcoming show here.

Pilot Handwriting Digital Campaign

Pilot pens are old school, but they have found a clever way of keeping relevant in today’s digital world. The recently launched PilotHandwriting.com is a site where you print out a templated sheet, write in your own handwritten alphabet, hold it up to your webcam and the website does the rest, digitizing and then allowing you to use your very own handwriting to send personal emails, within a Pilot themed image of course.

My only gripe with this is why can’t I download this font for personal use after I am done? If it’s already been created, then just allow the user to take the font home with them afterwards? I understand the need to keep the tool branded and hopefully have repeat visits, but this kind of device is a gimmick, one designed to spread word about the product and not exactly a destination that people will visit time and time again.

Visit Pilot Handwriting here and make your own font.

weekly stimuli – vol. 16

Here’s the latest installment of Weekly Stimuli, a batch of images from my inspiration archives.

Enjoy the visual candy after the jump!

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weekly stimuli – vol. 11

Here’s your latest dose of Weekly Stimuli…a batch of images from my inspiration archives.

Enjoy the images after the jump!

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new fonts from Village

I just got my Village e-newsletter today and it contained some wonderful new fonts. If you aren’t familiar with Village, they are a small but incredibly talented typography shop that creates modern fonts and products.

I was particularly struck by Giorgio Sans, which comes across like a hybrid between the goemetric Futura and the condensed letterforms of Pakt.

Also equally amazing was Karbon, a typeface which again harks back to the strict mathematics of Futura, but also has the corporate friendliness of a Corisande or Meta. Lovely. And that “K” is gorgeous!

There’s lots of weights for each and Village even redesigned their website to make it easier to find and view their many great fonts. Check out the site here.