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2011 TED Prize winner – JR

I was pleased to hear that the recipient of the 2011 TED prize was French “street” artist/photographer JR. The prize, worth about $100,000, is not only generous but also places recognition and attention on JR’s unique take on “art for the people”. TED has a great description of his brief but fantastic career so far and also includes nice large images of his work, I have always been fond of his “Women Are Heroes” series.

Visit the TED Prize page here.

Caroline Robert

I found my way to French-Canadian illustrator and designer Caroline Robert‘s portfolio by way of her work for the newest Arcade Fire album, The Suburbs. I was really impressed by the whole series of covers, show posters and the themes covered in that entire campaign. Caroline’s work beyond that project is just as good, often incorporating much more of her illustration skills and adding a more folksy charm.

View her portfolio here.

Chanel’s Lion

New York Times Magazine has a wonderful in-depth video interview between Chanel’s set designer and Susan Menkes about the massive golden lion dreamed up by Karl Lagerfeld for his newest show in Grand Palais.

Watch the interview here.