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Project Game Over – Pac Man

Those creative folks over at Project Game Over have released another “video-game”, this time using 110 people in a large theater to reenact the beloved classic Pac Man game. The video is obviously adorable, I love the man-made bleeps and the ghosty whose eyes roll.

Caroline Robert

I found my way to French-Canadian illustrator and designer Caroline Robert‘s portfolio by way of her work for the newest Arcade Fire album, The Suburbs. I was really impressed by the whole series of covers, show posters and the themes covered in that entire campaign. Caroline’s work beyond that project is just as good, often incorporating much more of her illustration skills and adding a more folksy charm.

View her portfolio here.

Atelier Müesli

Though I may not be able to read the french descriptions and project titles at Paris based Atelier Müesli‘s portfolio website, it’s clear from the imagery and the extensive tutorial videos and guidelines that careful thought and discipline is put into each piece. Whether it’s a mathematically devised identity, or a sprawling branding protocol for a line of arts & culture publications, Müesli’s mark is undeniable. I am not usually a fan of the glitchy, vector ephemera that creeps into many works by European based design firms, but it’s obvious that there is logic and intelligence applied to even the tiniest details. Truly a lovely sight to behold.

Visit the studio’s portfolio here.