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Contre Jour – iPhone game

I’m only a couple of levels into the recently released iPhone game Contre Jour (which roughly translates to against daylight), but I am loving it. Visually it’s kind of a mix of Little Big Planet’s creatures with Limbo’s muted palette (with a little bit of Darcel’s one eyed attitude). The game itself is a simple but extremely engaging scene scroller as you help the main character, Petit, grab light sources and traverse an rough terrain by transforming the land around to move him in the right direction. The whole game is bathed in simple textures and monochromatic tones, punctuated only by bright blues and Petit’s ever wandering eye.

You can grab the game for only a buck on the iTunes App store here.


Gerd Arntz – iPhone Memory Game

A classic “memory” game created for your iPhone and iPad by the estate of legendary iconographer Gerd Arntz? And it’s free?! Simply wonderful, and a great way to get to know the work of a great designer.

Visit the Gerd Arntz Memory game app page here.

The Font Game for iPad/iPhone

It’s always little games like this that push me over the edge to buy new a new gadget or upgrade to the latest wiz-bang device. Any excuse to play and learn at that same time is all the reasoning I need, and Justin Stahl (of I Love Typography fame) has done just that. The Font Game is exactly what it says it is, a fun learning tool for old and young designers and creatives alike to match up fonts with their unique styles and also great features like the “Terminology” area, where you can attempt to show off your skills at deciphering between an ohm and an outstroke. With a clean minimal design and easy to navigate pages, The Font Game, of course, allows the fonts themselves to steal the show.

Learn more about The Font Game here.


Limbo – video game

I don’t usually get excited about video games, don’t get me wrong I have a Wii and play pretty regularly, but my gaming pursuits are more of the side-scrolling Mario kind and less of the all-immersion-state-of-the-art types. Which is why Limbo, a new game available on X-Box Live Arcade is so fascinating.

The palette is so simple, yet the game looks so rich and fully rendered. Minimal shapes and simple black and white silhouettes instill far more fear and terror than any Killzone or similar massacre styled video game could ever hope to achieve.

I hope this game moves to other platforms soon (Wii…please!), I am in love with Limbo.

Visit Limbo’s website here.

Remember Bricks

Like something out of a 3D Tetris game, Remember Bricks are described as:

A game, an object, a puzzle, a sculptur, an artwork, an architecture, a building set, a creation, a model, an enjoyment, a fun, simply ingenious. For young and old and tall and small.

Whatever the intepretation, these blocks are highly adorable, and I could see myself building all kinds imaginative cities with them.

You can purchase them here.