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The Burning House

Quick! Your house is burning down! With precious moments to spare you grab only the most important items in your life and save them from the disaster. This is the premise posed at The Burning House, a tumbler devoted to showcasing submissions from contributors around the world, snapping a well curated shot of what they would grab before it’s all gone. The images are extremely personal – sentimental photos, children’s clothes – and sometimes a little frightening (there’s a lot of knives and guns out there!). Anyone can submit and you bet I’ll be sending in mine soon.

Visit The Burning House here.

9 Eyes tumblr

They say “truth is stranger than fiction”, and indeed Jon Rafman’s 9 Eyes Tumbler is not only showcasing the strange, but also the intensely beautiful. The images on his tumblr are taken directly from google street views from around the world, showing the best (and sometimes worst) pictures of our everyday lives and landscapes.

Visit 9 Eyes here.