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Philip Govedare – Excavation paintings

Landscapes, along with portraits and still lifes are the holy grail of traditional painting. So to see a classic format using the same tools but so obviously created in a more modern fashion seems like a revelation. Mapping man’s persuasion on his terrain, Philip Govedare‘s series entitled Excavation, takes a macro approach to it’s landscapes – giant, sweeping washes of color that appear almost like abstract color studies at first, are in fact attempts to showcase the enormity of our destruction and ability to reform our world to our whims. What I found most impressive is the perspective, as if you are peering down from an airliner in mid-flight, thousands and thousands of feet above the ground, a view earlier landscape artists never had the pleasure of knowing.

See more of Philip Govedare’s artwork here.


Robert Josiah Bingaman

Artist Robert Josiah Bingman plays with the night like a photographer would with long exposures. Light saturates and spreads across the darkness, from glowing pools and radiating neon, or distant skylines, creating tension and mood from nothing more than shadows and reflections. His newest series, The Race, seems to imagine night as day, as if the sun never existed, with rich, deep, dusky tones and twilight backdrops.

Be sure to also check out his Nocturnes series, large scale works with rising structures and back lit landscapes that resemble matte paintings from science fiction films.

Visit Robert Josiah Bingaman’s website here.

Marco Suarez – Landscapes

Really beautiful landscapes, well composed, shot and framed by Marco Suarez. A series of these would look amazing in my apartment, like looking out of port holes from a zeppelin or a time machine. I may have to appropriate this technique for some of my own nature photography.

More images by Marco Suarez here.

Sea Hyun Lee – Between Red

Hand painted crimson landscapes sit starkly on an ocean of negative space in these pieces, from the Between Red series, by Korean artist Sea Hyun Lee. I really love the obvious nods to centuries old Asian landscape traditions, but reimagined in these monochromatic collage-esque colorscapes.

See more from the Between Red series here.

weekly stimuli – vol. 25

Here’s the latest Weekly Stimuli, another batch of images from my inspiration archives.

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Bruno Cals – Beguiling Horizons

Bruno Cals, a Brazilian photographer, has a new series entitled Beguiling Horizons. The images are straight-up photographs of some of the world’s most interesting facades, transforming them into bizarre landscapes. In my spare time I take images like this as well, and I appreciate Bruno’s careful consideration of clouds and lighting in his work. His Beguiling Horizons series is currently showing at the 1500 Gallery in NYC.

See more of his series here.

Via Architects Newspaper blog.