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MoMA – 23 Fonts added to Design Collection

NYC’s prestigious Museum of Modern Art announced today the addition of 23 “digital” fonts to it’s permanent Architecture and Design Collection. Why is this important you may ask? It signifies a great moment for type designers and typography enthusiasts everywhere as “digital” or commercially available fonts are included alongside artwork and design milestones of the 20th (and 21st) Century, acknowledging their ubiquity and popularity as well as their aesthetic beauty and the craftsmanship of the foundries that produced them. Gotham, Didot, OCR-A and Big Caslon (all used in the graphic above) were selected along with 19 others and will be celebrated and on display at the upcoming Standard Deviations show, opening March 2nd.

Read more about MoMA’s acquisitions and upcoming show here.


MoMA portraits with Marina Abramovic

My good friend Dan turned me onto the MoMa’s Flickr stream showcasing all the particpants in the Marina Abramovic performance piece, The Artist Is Present. The portraits are candid, raw and sometimes extremely emotional. Often you will see someone openly weeping, are locked in an intense stare, a seemingly starting feat considering that no words are ever exchanged.

I have literally sepnt hours pouring over the images, they are all fantastic, and on a side note you can also do a bit of celebrity hunting as well. I have already spotted Lou Reed, Rufus Wainwright, Anthony, and Sharon Stone.

You can see the entire photo set here.