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TRON Legacy – “making of” video

Fantastic behind the scenes making-of video showing how a lot of the stunts and CGI wizardry was done for the TRON Legacy. Nice to see some good ole’ fashioned acrobatics and acting were at the core of a majority of the film. The video does contain some spoilers, so for those of you who haven’t seen it yet (and you should), be prepared.

Update: Looks like Disney keeps taking this video down all over YouTube, hopefully the new link works. If not, do a search for “making of TRON” at YouTube. God forbid Disney has some content that promotes a popular movie up on the internet for free.


2010 Vimeo Festival + Awards

Last week Vimeo, the online video submission and portfolio site, announced the winners of their very first Vimeo Awards, recognizing excellence in the short films created this year and uploaded to their site. The esteemed jury panel included the likes of David Lynch, Doug Pray, MIA and many others. Below are a couple of videos I found particularly visually interesting or just plain inspirational.

Best Animation for “Between Bears” by Eran Hilleli

Best Experimental for “Oops” by Chris Beckman (love the unexpected transitions!)

Best Captured for “Fluid Sculpture” by Charlie Bucket

You can see and read about all the great winners here.


“Dot” – Nokia N8 stop motion

Meet Dot, she’s the star of the “world’s smallest stop motion film” using the new Nokia N8 camera phone. It’s pretty remarkable to watch, especially in full-screen mode. On another note, I think this would make a fantastic side-scrolling video game as well!

Marco Brambilla + Kanye West = “Power” music video

“A slow motion pull back revealing metaphorical images of the end of empires.”

You can see the full video here.

Tell No One

Tell No One is a new blog created by film-makers Luke White and Remi Weekes, designed to showcase their experiments in the world of video and motion. Beautiful, simple, quick pieces.

Read and watch here.