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Philip Govedare – Excavation paintings

Landscapes, along with portraits and still lifes are the holy grail of traditional painting. So to see a classic format using the same tools but so obviously created in a more modern fashion seems like a revelation. Mapping man’s persuasion on his terrain, Philip Govedare‘s series entitled Excavation, takes a macro approach to it’s landscapes – giant, sweeping washes of color that appear almost like abstract color studies at first, are in fact attempts to showcase the enormity of our destruction and ability to reform our world to our whims. What I found most impressive is the perspective, as if you are peering down from an airliner in mid-flight, thousands and thousands of feet above the ground, a view earlier landscape artists never had the pleasure of knowing.

See more of Philip Govedare’s artwork here.


Carly Waito

I love these works by Carly Waito for several reasons. I love her ability to capture the luminous qualities in the rocks and gems. I love that the works are small (some around 5 or 6 inches tall). And most of all, I especially love that these are paintings. I tried to keep that part a surprise as long as I could. In seriousness though, Carly’s paintings are beautiful, and I love the little peeks into her process, like here on her blog. Smudges and dots of paint form together to create fantastic photorealistic geological wonders. Makes me wish I hadn’t slept through all my geology classes in college!

Visit Carly Waito’s portfolio here.