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Scott London – Burning Man 2011

Take a look at this great set (100 in all) that photographer Scott London took during this year’s mother of all freak-fests, Burning Man. I’ve never been myself and honestly, I still haven’t worked up the courage to spend that much time out there in the desert without all the modern amenities I’ve grown accustomed to, but it’s amazing to see such a large group of people creating huge structures, machines and other artwork in the vastness of that terrain.Maybe next year…maybe…

See Scott London’s Burning Man photos here.


Boston Big Picture – SW Florida

Piggybacking nicely on the recent post I did on suburban sprawl as captured by photographer Stephen Zirwes, Boston.com’s Big Picture is showcasing a wonderful collection of google-earth landscapes of SW Florida. The shapes created by these subdivisions, some dense, others mere ghost towns, are fascinating. Some are rigid and symmetrical, stripping the earth of any sense of natural composition, while others tend to mimic their surroundings in curious, sanitized reductions. Pretty amazing.

See the whole set here.