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Ana Benaroya

Hypercolored beach guidos, fire breathing monsters, Christians hell bent on hedonism and bearded ladies are just a few of the colorful characters that inhabit the canvases of the work of Ana Benaroya. I really enjoy the warped and skewed forms she creates, and am especially fond of her gestural portraits – blobs of colors and swaths of dots and patterns are then embellished with wild eyes and bright red lips. Capturing the absurd and the abstract in fantastic ways.

Visit Ana Benaroya’s portfolio here.


Aaron Smith – “Coterie of the Wooly-Woofter”

I love the new series of paintings from west coast-based painter, Aaron Smith, entitled Coterie of the Wooly-Woofter. Portraits of bearded and moustachioed characters that resemble authors, generals and great gentlemen of yore. I especially find the layered, seemingly haphazard brush marks and strokes and the wild use of colors absolutely mesmerizing. Of course each of these paintings are anything but erratic, perfectly forming imaginative and highly kaleidoscopic visions. Vivid and energetic.

Visit Aaron Smith’s portfolio here.

weekly stimuli – vol. 36

Here’s the 36th volume of Weekly Stimuli – a batch of images from my inspiration archives.

Enjoy the visuals after the jump!

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Jason Polan – Every Person in NY

Jason Polan, a professional illustrator and artist, has taken on an ambitious and some would say, impossible project. He is attempting to draw a portrait of every person in New York City. You can witness his efforts at his blog which he updates every day with image after image of everyday people doing all sorts of things. Jason’s strategy is quite simple, he sits in public spaces or restaurants or parks and sketches who he sees around him.

You can follow his progress here.

And be sure to watch this MoMA 30-second film of Jason in action here.

MoMA portraits with Marina Abramovic

My good friend Dan turned me onto the MoMa’s Flickr stream showcasing all the particpants in the Marina Abramovic performance piece, The Artist Is Present. The portraits are candid, raw and sometimes extremely emotional. Often you will see someone openly weeping, are locked in an intense stare, a seemingly starting feat considering that no words are ever exchanged.

I have literally sepnt hours pouring over the images, they are all fantastic, and on a side note you can also do a bit of celebrity hunting as well. I have already spotted Lou Reed, Rufus Wainwright, Anthony, and Sharon Stone.

You can see the entire photo set here.

weekly stimuli – vol. 10

Here’s the latest dose of Weekly Stimuli, images culled from inspiration archives.

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