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Pop Chart Labs – The Evolution of Video Game Controllers Print

Brooklyn’s Pop Chart Lab is back with a brand new print and this time they set their well honed sights on “The Evolution of the Video Game Controller”. Like most of PCL’s designs, they chart and document a varied and crowded topic, in an extremely detailed and organized way. Be sure to also check out their other great prints, especially “A Visual Compendium of Notable Haircuts…” and my personal favorite, “The Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools.”

Visit the Pop Chart Lab here.


Jenny Odell – Satellite Prints (20×200)

Spending hours and hours scanning satellite imagery, Jenny Odell, then isolates boats, farm silos, pools and parking lots and reorganizes them, creating patterns and canvases that from afar look like blobs and dots but up close, reveal a God’s eye view of our manufactured world. Prints of her Satellite series are currently for sale on 20×200.

Visit her profile page and see all the of the series here.

Parra prints – Project Space / Arkitip

Though my funds cannot bank-roll an endeavor like purchasing one of these FINE prints, it doesn’t stop me from recommending them to you in the hopes you liven up your homes with a little Parra. Parra is a Dutch artist I have adored for years now (through his art and his music side-project LeLe), his wit and “slice-of-life” illustrations have a such a modern voice but hark back to late 60’s and early 70’s aesthetics, with smooth, clean lines and bold expanses of ink.

His recent exhibition at Project Space (created by Arkitip Magazine)  is no exception. Now they’ve released the entire collection as limited edition prints. If you have the money, these are well worth it!

Check out the gallery here.