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This week, “sneaker freakers” and fans of the beloved 80’s Back To The Future film trilogy finally saw the realization of one of the holy grails of movie-fashion concept designs: The Nike Air MAG. A prop designed and used for the second installment of the film, the Air MAGs (or Magnetic Anti-Gravity) were fantastic futuristic sky tops complete with lights and auto-lacing technology. They were of course only an idea in a film about a supposed future, but fans fell in love with them and hoped, prayed and even petitioned to see their fateful production.

This week, Nike, in partnership with Universal Films and the Michael J. Fox Foundation released a limited line of 1500 pairs of the Nike Air MAG to be placed on eBay for charity auction to raise funds for the Fox foundation seeking a cure for Parkinsons disease. All of this is wonderfully explained on Nike’s new microsite Back4theFuture.com, a cleverly devised website to promote not only the legend and spirit of the films and the storied shoe, but also aiming to shed light on the affliction of Parkinsons in a witty and encouraging way. The site, which I believe was designed by Nike’s longtime agency of record Wieden and Kennedy, follows a similar structure to the previous Nike Better World site, leading the visitor downward through a series of automated tiles displaying messaging and finally landing at an interactive display video complete with a cameo from The Doc himself.

The site is clean and brisk, with bold messages set in Nike’s 80’s trademark tightly kerned bold Futura to give a perfect retro-future look and feel. Also, be sure to check out “The Continuum”, a running blog of sorts on the site that collects news, articles, events and social network activity related to the release.

Visit Back4theFuture.com here. 










Dave Pickett – Nook table

Product designer Dave Pickett‘s newest project, the Nook table is exquisite. Part angular centerpiece and part book shelf, it straddles the fine line between artful and useful. I love the idea of having a really striking, almost carved looking table that also acts as a showcase for a selection of your favorite reading materials. While this is still in the concept/prototype stage, I really hope it goes into production soon, I’m liking what I see.

Visit Dave Pickett’s website here, for more great product designs.

Wordmark.it – website

You know, some of these bulky, clumsy-to-use font management programs like Linotype and FontFolio could learn a thing or two from the burgeoning world of online type tools and apps. Wordmark.it is a simple visualizer that helps you quickly find an appropriate font or typeface by allowing you to type in a phrase or word and showing you how it looks with all your installed fonts. It’s great if you are looking for that perfect display face or to just reacquaint yourself with your collection.

Visit Workmark.it here.

Design Philadelphia – Oct. 7–17, 2010

If you live in Philly, as I do, and you are either involved in or a fan of the creative arts than you have probably heard about DesignPhiladelphia, a two week long, city-wide series of events, happenings, pop-up stores, exhibitions, work-shops, showings and other creative endeavors. There are a myriad of engagements and I found many different kinds of events that I have vowed to attempt to either participate in or experience. Obviously, whenever I do I will post about them here!

Yesterday, I visited an exhibit entitled “Philly Works” of merchants and craftsmen (and craftswomen) at the Meyerson Hall on the UPenn campus. The gallery is filled with various different wares, including furniture, screen prints, home made speakers, clothing and many more items.

After the jump is a selection of people, who’s pieces I found particularly interesting.

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Charissa Rais – CREO

CREO is a customizable stamping device that could generate geometric letterforms. The word creo itself came from a Latin word that means to create. Creo allows people to explore basic shapes, deconstruct and rebuild their own anatomy of letterforms to communicate.”

I love this prototype by Charissa Rais, it’s incredibly simple and has the ability to give a really personal look and feel to anything you would apply it to.  I would love to see this mass produced and sold at high-end craft stores.

See more projects by Charissa Rais here.