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This week, “sneaker freakers” and fans of the beloved 80’s Back To The Future film trilogy finally saw the realization of one of the holy grails of movie-fashion concept designs: The Nike Air MAG. A prop designed and used for the second installment of the film, the Air MAGs (or Magnetic Anti-Gravity) were fantastic futuristic sky tops complete with lights and auto-lacing technology. They were of course only an idea in a film about a supposed future, but fans fell in love with them and hoped, prayed and even petitioned to see their fateful production.

This week, Nike, in partnership with Universal Films and the Michael J. Fox Foundation released a limited line of 1500 pairs of the Nike Air MAG to be placed on eBay for charity auction to raise funds for the Fox foundation seeking a cure for Parkinsons disease. All of this is wonderfully explained on Nike’s new microsite Back4theFuture.com, a cleverly devised website to promote not only the legend and spirit of the films and the storied shoe, but also aiming to shed light on the affliction of Parkinsons in a witty and encouraging way. The site, which I believe was designed by Nike’s longtime agency of record Wieden and Kennedy, follows a similar structure to the previous Nike Better World site, leading the visitor downward through a series of automated tiles displaying messaging and finally landing at an interactive display video complete with a cameo from The Doc himself.

The site is clean and brisk, with bold messages set in Nike’s 80’s trademark tightly kerned bold Futura to give a perfect retro-future look and feel. Also, be sure to check out “The Continuum”, a running blog of sorts on the site that collects news, articles, events and social network activity related to the release.

Visit Back4theFuture.com here. 










Kahn + Selesnick – Adrift on the Hourglass Sea

The dynamic duo, artists Kahn and Selesnick have been quietly feeding the internet with their new visual suite entitled “Adrift on the Hourglass Sea”. For those unfamiliar with K+H, they merge graphic design, storytelling, CGI and photography into large scale multi-piece epics. I had the pleasure of seeing one of their previous exhibitions up close and personal last year and mere web images do not do them justice. They are meticulous and worthy of hours of gazing. As with previous collections, this one also features wide-screen panoramics, which can see in full detail on their website. I was especially drawn to these character and structure vignettes, set against a Mars-red sky. They have a monolithic quality, and also are strikingly emotional even for their alien tone. The beauty of K+H’s work is their ability to inform with enough of a story but allow the viewer to fill in the remaining holes with whatever their imagination can muster.

Visit “Adrift on the Hourglass Sea” here.

(thanks to my friend, the talented Jon Lee for tipping me off to this!)

Cedrik Delsaux – The Dark Lens

I will always have a special place in my heart for Star Wars (the original trilogy, that is). And so does, apparently, photographer Cedrik Delsaux, as exhibited in additions to his Dark Lens series. Cedrik has traveled to the Middle East, with areas of vast construction and windswept vistas and inserted characters, machines and vehicles from the storied movies into the images to give them even more of an otherworldly feel. Is it Dubai or Tatooine?

Visit Cedrik Delsaux’s portfolio here.

More than our Earth-bound minds can comprehend

I swear this blog isn’t space themed and my fascination with all things interstellar will become less frequent after this post. After seeing those enormous Earth pictures NASA produced and released earlier this week, I started to daydream and remember all those crazy and wacky Disney created short films about space travel I use to catch on late, late night tv as a kid. This clip is by far my favorite, filled with surreal imagery and wild imagination that seems kinda rare nowadays.